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The recent legislation adopted for the purpose of put- ting an end to the disgi-aceful and inhuman falsification of limejuice, has proved so perfectly efficient, that adul- teration of the article is now Buy Propecia, after the lapse of two years, almost unknown. The following report of the Inspector of Limejuice for the Clj\'de District of Ports for the six months ending June 30, has reached the Board of Trade : \" Limejuice Inspection. \"Sir, I beg leave to submit for the information of the Board of Tmde the repftrt of the inspection of lime and lemon juice for the Clyde district of ports Cheap Propecia, for the six months ending the 30th day of June, 1869. The juice inspected was entirely that obtained from lemons, all of it being of excellent quality and generally mncli above the required standard. None of it was fortified with spirits. \'Ihe quantity examined was 76 ca.\'^ks, or 7,249 gallons, each of which was subjected to a separate analysis. The average .specific gravity of the 76 samples Order Propecia was 1038\"6, the average diy residue from one ounce by measure was 40\"8 grains, or 2877 grains in 20 cubic cenlinietres ; and the average proportion of anhydrous citric acid was 31-43 grains per ounce, equal to 34 38 grains of Purchase Propecia online crystallised citric acid. It thus appears that of the dry residue, or solid matter, in the juice, 84\'3 per cent, consisted of crys- The Medical fross and circular. MEETING OV THE MEDICAL COtTKCTL